"Art is not entertainment. At its very best, it's a revolution."

-Salman Rushdie


My name is Tom Nordyke and I am one of the principals of W+Noordijk, inc., formerly Noordijk, inc. Welcome!

Our new name is the result of the addition of Brian Woolsey as a Principal to our team! Brian and I are very excited about the opportunities for our new work together and with the team here at W+Noordijk, inc.

W+Noordijk, inc. is a real estate development and consulting firm that focuses on building creative living and commercial communities through the adaptive reuse of historical structures and new construction projects. While our experience is broad, in many ways it all comes back to creating places for the businesses, residents and the arts to survive and thrive.

I founded Noordijk, inc. in 2003, and with the new team we have over 50 years combined experience in real estate finance, leasing, design, marketing and management as W+Noordijk, inc. My team and I work on our own behalf or in conjunction with our clients to identify new projects, structure financing options, implement and execute marketing plans and engage the community to ensure that projects are successful and further the economic and aesthetic revival of people, businesses and the communities around them.

The portfolio of projects on which we have worked is diverse. Click here to see a sampling of our projects. The services we offer are diverse as well. In addition to pursuing our own development projects, we consult on real estate acquisition, finance, community engagement, fundraising, architectural design, marketing, social media and public relations. By far the majority of our consulting work is focused on the arts.

Yes, it’s a pretty niche business.

We are fueled by our passion to create vibrant communities that preserve our past and promote the future.

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Check out the video below, which my team originally developed and produced for marketing the Leather Trades Artist Lofts in St. Louis. If you ever doubted the impact on artists…