Our leasing team has been working together for the last 10 years on projects across the United States, actively engaged with clients to provide initial lease up and emergency stabilization leasing. We have worked on a wide range of projects from initial lease up for new construction on both affordable and market rate residential complexes, to distressed property acquisitions and rehabilitations, to underperforming assets. To date, we have successfully leased over 4500 units for our various clients.

Our team offers Contract Leasing, Marketing Consulting, Market Surveys and Project Feasibility Studies as services to our clients.

Promise to Our Clients

  • Our Agents will be present for all office hours

  • We will take showings after hours to accommodate any prospective resident’s schedule

  • Our Agents will return all phone calls within 24 hours outside of office hours

  • Our goal is to follow up on all leads within 10 minutes of receiving them

  • To optimize lease up efficiency, agents are solely responsible for leasing. By focusing solely on leasing as opposed to property management functions, our agents are able to more efficiently lease up a project.

  • We send daily updates to our management and will provide the client with copies if desired 

  • We will send weekly reports to our client, including traffic and leasing report as well as suggestions to increase traffic and leases

  • Our Agents are responsible for monthly auditing of all Internet Listing Services (i.e. Rent Path Network, apartments.com, Zillow, etc) used to ensure correct marketing information

  • Our Agents are responsible for posting multiple daily Craigslist ads

  • Our Agents are responsible for doing in person out reach when applicable and attending all after hour outreach events

  • We will be available for weekly client meetings with project updates and progress reports

  • Staffing of all sites with industry leading professional leasing consultants

  • Presentation to client of any proposed changes that will expedite the leasing process based on site staff feedback and traffic analytics

Our Leasing Team

Tom Nordyke - Principal


I bring decades of experience with leasing in the multi family housing arena, for more information check out my bio HERE

Aaron Hauge - Director of Operations & Leasing


I first was introduced to the Real Estate Industry when started working at Artspace Projects, the nation’s leading developer of real estate for the arts. I quickly fell in love with the life cycle of a project and the many intricate pieces that go into going from concept to reality.

 In my nearly 10 years in the industry I have been been apart of over 50 projects spanning across all corners of the United States working on over $600 Million in development assets. With a focus on leasing and marketing I have been able to achieve 100% occupancy to satisfy and exceed all performa goals set by leaderships on every project I have been a part of. At times this has been achieved solely, leasing up multiple projects simultaneously from 0-100% occupancy, exceeding all project timelines. I have been able to use my expertise on project feasibility, commercial retail development, commercial master planning, construction project management, branding, on site training and management to help ensure the success of a wide variety of developments.

 My background in marketing has also paved the way to making projects successful by helping foster the creation of the online leasing process, customized local partnerships and innovative gorilla marketing campaigns that have achieved a viral critical mass through word of mouth

Tim Stine - Leasing Consultant

17757617_10210500564642803_6941534232827437651_n 2.jpg

Despite only working in the industry for the last 3 years I’ve built up a significant resume, having worked across 3 states, meeting and exceeding occupancy goals on over 5 projects. My responsibilities for these projects have ranged from leasing, construction project management, marketing, market surveys, branding and training of site staff. Additionally, I have been able to put my experience to work by helping developers get new projects off the ground, figuring out what the most effective outreach medium would be to reach their target market and ensuring they are maxing out their income potential without putting the momentum of the lease-up at risk.

My favorite projects to work on are acquisitions as they allow plenty of opportunities to problem solve and are so fast paced.

 Tom Hines - Leasing Consultant


I began my focus on facilities and real estate related work in the arts when I started as the Executive Assistant to the Executive Director at The Cowles Center for Dance and the Performing Arts. Our first order of business was the Grand Opening of The Cowles Center in 2011, followed by several years of growing the staff, Distance Learning Program and the Center’s vision for being the premier stage for Minnesota dance.


I have worked with Noordijk, inc. – now W+Noordijk, inc. – for the past five years coordinating special events for marketing and leasing on our arts focused real estate projects and as the point person in our work for our clients in running the “Artist Selection Process.”  These projects included the Metropolitan Artist Lofts, Leather Trades Artist Lofts, Schmidt Artist Lofts, A-Mill Artist Lofts and the Arcade Apartments.

I have had a life long passion for gardening and began my working life working with Heidi’s Lakeshore Gardens, after which I created and ran my own gardening/landscape business, Hundred Acre Gardening.